If You Love Village Based Stories Then Definitely You Will Love This Web Series: KothaPorodu

The KothaPorodu series oversees incredibly confined essential leads anyway. This series will make you understand the lives in towns and how they deal with the issues. This series is about the desires of achieving something critical is life and unending enthusiasm and love. This web series will make you experience energetic affections for its astonishing and unafraid story. KothaPorodu is a must watch web series online. Watch KothaPorodu web series online at whatever point on Aha.


KothaPorodu is the story of the carefree and problematic individual who changes out into a smooth and fit person. This web series is a reaction to enormous quantities of the requests of Raju. Raju is an impudent person who bypasses the town, fights and he moreover doesn’t have some work. His father is at another level, he wants for women and has various illegal connections and surprisingly he disappears from no spot. Raju’s family tumbles off the road. Father Istarayya has done various commitments in the town and all of them should be cleared by raju.


The whole commitment falls on him so he and his mother decide to leave the town and acquire some extraordinary proportion of money and away from them. Raju in the wake of coming to Hyderabad sells ladies’ wear in the city of the market. In that cycle another and approaching boss sees him in the city and requirements to take a film on him. He gets picked for the chief lead and female lead is BegumpetSukanya. That boss is alcoholic and incredibly ill-advised. He finally decides to work and be subject to his exercises. Watch the web series to know how he even clears the commitments and to know his sentimental story.

Technical Aspects:

  • Encompassing tunes have given us the aura to continue to watch the web series. It was essentially engaging and in a condition of concordance with the scene.
  • Being the boss and major lead of the series, he carried the series into the accompanying level. Anvesh has performed genuinely well and even the course part was moreover really important.
  • Cinematography was entirely measurable. All the purposes of Cameras have gotten important minutes.
  • All the town vibes and the reality of the city has been shown clearly in the zones. Zones are likely the most stunning part of the series as it depicted the story in the better way. All the territories in the town and city were essentially amazing.

Cast & Crew:

Actor: Anvesh Michael

Actress: Thanmai Bolt

Other Actors: Raj Tirandas, JagadeeshPrathapBandari, Sai Prasanna.

Director: Anvesh Michael

Producer:Tanvi Desai, Mahi Illindra

Writer: Anvesh Michael

Cinematography: Vasu

Music Director: Smaran

Editor: Rohit Penumatsa

More Information:

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 10

Runtime: 3 hrs 19 mins

Released: 26 Jan 2020

Genre: Drama, Romantic

Streaming: Aha

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