Not a pretty pleasant skin situation, the blood supply is reduce off to the skin around the bony areas of the sufferers body, this is due to constant stress [normally the patient is unable to transform their position themselves], and this leads to a smaller ulcer [little sore] forming, this is the get started of a pressure or bed sore.

These sores can be treated very successfully but if left untreated can be life threatening due to secondary infection and so forth. and individuals who are prone to receiving this issue are:

* paralyzed
* handicapped
* disabled
* bedridden

The problem locations that have to have continuous care are:

* heels
* buttocks
* ankles
* hips
* head
* spine
* shoulders
* tail bone [lower back]

All these locations are prone to stress complications, the position of the patient dictates where they will most probably get the sore. Even even though some individuals have limited mobility it is still extremely important to verify these locations on a everyday basis and give them pressure care [washing of the area with warm water, drying by dabbing, and gently massaging the location with a baby lotion to restore circulation] on the places that are showing indicators of pressure at least 4 hourly but preferably two hourly.

Symptoms of a bedsore

* signs of infection – redness, swelling, moistness or pus formation
* discoloration of the skin in the location
* broken skin more than the bony location – tearing or a ulcer [sore]

There are 4 stages in diagnosing the seriousness of the condition:

1) Darkened or reddened skin that does not turn white when pressed
2) The appearance of blisters or abrasions
3) Skin loss that involves the underlying tissue
four) Skin loss that goes deeper than the underlying tissue thus involving the muscle and the bone

It is quite crucial to begin therapy the second you see the trouble, if the sore is modest it can be treated and healed by common dressing and pressure care. Deep and significant bedsores are incredibly tough to heal with dressing and so on and plastic surgery might be needed in a try to heal the open sore.

Situations that can improve the chance of stress sores in the inactive patient

* bladder incontinence
* bowel incontinence
* dehydration
* poor nutrition
* decreased mental awareness due to medication


* Adjust to sufferers position each and every two hours
* retain the skin clean and dry at all times
* massage the pressure places gently every single two – four hourly
* do some physio on the limbs wherever probable
* a ripple mattress will assist with the blood circulation
* use soft cushions, pillows or other forms of help to retain stress of the trouble location and to assist alter the individuals position
* guarantee the patient has a properly balanced diet plan with additional protein to maintain healthy tissue and assistance with tissue repair, vitamin C and zinc supplements will also help with wound repair.
* keep patient hydrated at all times

Educating family members who help in the care of these individuals is also quite critical as the care givers can’t be there 24/7 and there will be times when they have to care for the household member.

If Caregivers Home after treating the stress locations to the ideal of your capacity and they are just having worse, please get your medical professional to have a appear at them. They could be infected and some severe medication might be needed.