What You Need to Know About Hot Water Tanks

A hot water tank can make a huge difference to your utility bills. Your usage is responsible for up to 15% of your energy bill, with this in mind its easy to see how choosing the right tank can save money. By utilising rain water and linking your water catchments with your tank you will see your water usage bill decrease as well. In recent years the technology used in hot water tanks has improved greatly. By simply replacing your current hot water system with a similar one and not exploring new options, you could be doing yourself a disservice.Hot Water Tank Installation & Repair Services

There are three categories that water heaters fall into, storage water heaters, tankless on-demand water heaters and instant dispensers. Most homes have a system that falls under storage water heaters, they’re the large white tanks that hold hot water until it is required. On-demand water heaters are gaining in popularity. Dispensers are found in older homes.

There are many advantages to the hot water storage tank system. Firstly, they are not as prone to breakdowns as with other systems. Systems are low maintenance, particularly if you go with a brand that has a good name. The water pressure from these systems is usually better as well.

When you are looking at a hot water tank storage system, the tank that you select can make a big difference. Look for a brand you can trust that offers a warranty. Energy ratings are important, take note of the star rating and see how that will effect your energy consumption and in turn your bills.

Solar systems are gaining in popularity. Powered by panels on the roof, the water is heated in a specialized tank. The result is enough water for a family all delivered without using power off the grid. In some cases you can even sell excess power back to the electricity company for a profit.

If you use rainwater at your home, it is possible to link up your water tank to your system. You will need to make sure that you have a filtration system in place, particularly if you live in an urban area. While many people just use rainwater for gardening and laundering, there are many benefits to using rainwater for all your needs. Utilising rainwater means that you are taking pressure of the water grid. You’ll no longer have to pay for water usage. You’ll be helping the environment and your hip pocket at the same time.

In many homes the overall heating system and the hot water tank are two entirely separate systems. However, with certain kinds of furnaces, these two features are combined into one unit. This is common in the case of an oil-fired furnace. Instead of having a separate hot water heater, the furnace can actually do double-duty as a tankless water heater. If you have this kind of system in your home, or are considering the installation of one, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Advantages of a Furnace Hot Water Tank

The most obvious advantage of this kind of furnace system is that you only have one appliance to worry about. As long as your furnace is functional, you’ll have a constant supply of hot water. You also won’t be paying to heat water that is sitting unused in a water heater tank, since essentially this is an “on demand” style of hot water heater. This kind of integrated system is usually quite efficient, and very little heat is lost.